We are committed to reduce, reuse and recycle. We strongly believe, no effort is small, and do our bit to conserve the natural beauty of our planet. To do so we have taken measures and steps which will minimize harmful emissions, green the earth and recycle what we can.

Vehicles :

  • Our vehicles are regularly and periodically checked to meet the pollution control standards.
  • Our drivers are trained to minimize vehicle idling time.
  • Our vehicle maintenance system ensures proper and appropriate calibration of fuel system, tyres and load.
  • We do not overload our vehicles thereby reducing emission.
Paper :

  • We try to limit the usage of virgin paper and offer most of the required information electronically.
  • We try and use recycled paper wherever possible.
  • We try and recycle our used paper and not dispose in the general waste bin.
Energy :

  • We try and use maximum natural light.
  • We encourage all our staff to switch off all electrical when not in use.
  • We try and use open air facilities wherever possible.
Water :

  • Every drop is valuable and hence we try to conserve every single drop.
  • Committed to not have any leaking taps.
  • Washrooms are designed to use minimum amount of water.
  • Rainwater harvesting is being practiced in our warehouses.
Green Zones :

  • We plant trees and have made green zones in our facilities.
  • “Under the Tree” is a specalised programe that encourages all our employees to plant trees.